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What is Discmania Stratosphere?

Two weeks ago we released a video teasing our upcoming Mystery Box campaign. The video was headlined by the theme “Stratosphere”. We did it to peak our fans' interest about what's coming. Now, when the actual Mystery Box drop is approaching, we wanted to shed light on this mysterious video…


What is Discmania Stratosphere?

All life on our planet is concentrated to the lowest level of Earth's atmosphere called the troposphere. Nothing lives nor survives above that. Discmania’s DNA has always held the drive to reach for new levels. Therefore, we got the idea to push the envelope a step further and take disc golf discs to a height no other company has - to the stratosphere.

Technically speaking, the stratosphere is the second major layer of air in the atmosphere. It extends above the troposphere from an altitude of 6 miles to about 30 miles above the planet's surface. The ozone layer is located at the lower parts of the Stratosphere, protecting us from suns deadly ultraviolet radiation.

Discmania Stratosphere is a name for our upcoming Mystery Box project celebrating our ever-lasting curiosity to create something new for our fans. Mystery Box season is always the most exciting time of the year at Discmania, and we wanted to make it more fun through this project. Planning for this campaign started over a year ago, and this is the most comprehensive Mystery Box project we have ever done. So, it was only fitting that we wanted to level up our campaign for our fans!


Goal to reach 100,000 feet altitude

From the beginning, we set a goal to reach 100,000 feet altitude with our Mystery Box. Getting any item that high up needed a serious planning from the whole crew. No airplane has ever reached that level in human history. After months of prep work (site visits, calculations, coordination, etc), we came up with a solid game plan that we were confident to execute.

To illustrate how high 100,000 feet is we created this infographic for you. At 100,000 feet, there are many variables from high winds to extreme temperatures. To get that “package” up and down safely was also our priority.


Join our Discmania Stratosphere live show

To celebrate our Discmania Stratosphere project and our biggest Mystery Box drop ever, we invite everyone to tune in to our live show on Thanksgiving! Show starts on Thursday, November 24th at 9 AM Mountain time..


We are super excited to show you what's coming!

You can support our mission by grabbing cool Stratosphere themed gear from our store.

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