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TERMS OF PURCHASE (Last updated 09.05.2021)


Online shopping takes place according to Finnish legislation and regulations. These terms of purchase apply to all orders placed on this website.

Colour options, product pictures and stamp colours

We strive to always deliver the products in the specific colour and/or weight that they are ordered in. In case a certain product on a placed order is out of stock, we notify the customer of this by telephone or e-mail. The colours, dyes and stamps of ordered products may differ from the examples on our website. This should be kept in mind especially with dyed discs as all of them are individually dyed and the appearance of the products will vary. Slight variations in stamp quality can be expected on disc products due to the stamping method used. Imperfections in stamp quality do not validate a refund by the seller. The same applies to the dye quality of Huk Lab Dyed discs.

The product pictures used at Discmania Store Europe are always for illustrative purposes only and the actual products don’t necessarily look the same as the product pictures. The colour of the discs, the stamp designs and the stamp colours of the discs may vary, unless stated otherwise in the product description or the product variant selectors. If you’re interested in a particular stamp design or stamp colour, or particular product colour, please specify your preferences in the order comments, and/or contact our customer service before placing your order and ask for availability.

Product releases

Product releases happen either at pre-announced times or other times determined by Discmania Store Europe. In certain situations, product pages of upcoming releases may be shown as upcoming on the online store, accompanied by a countdown timer. In these cases, orders are eligible only starting from the announced release time of the product in question. If the customer is able to bypass the countdown timer and adds variations of the upcoming product to the shopping cart prior to release time, order made with the cart in question may be cancelled without contacting the customer.

Maximum order quantities set for products at Discmania Store Europe are customer-based, unless stated otherwise. If multiple orders per single customer is detected on products that have maximum order quantities, all orders by these customers may be cancelled without contacting the customer.

Order pick-up

It is not possible to collect orders from our place of business. You can find the available shipping methods from the checkout page, once you've submitted your address. Product-specific restrictions may apply.

Order processing & delivery

The processing time for orders is 0-3 business days outside the busiest times. The actual delivery time depends on the delivery method used on the order. Congestion may cause delays to projected delivery times. Shipping times may also be affected by global and regional factors. For inquiries about undelivered shipments, we recommend always first contacting the shipping company directly.

Pricing, currency & tax

All prices are presented in Euros and they include the Finnish Value Added Tax (VAT) by default. Tax free prices are shown for certain customers based on their IP-address location. On certain EU countries the prices of products may be adjusted to represent the VAT of the recipient country. The VAT is not collected on orders from Åland Islands and outside the EU zone. When the order recipient country is set to a non-EU country or the Åland Islands, the prices shown on the website will be adjusted to represent a tax-free price. Final prices of the goods and shipping can be seen on the final page of checkout. The customer is responsible for taxes and customs fees in the recipient country. Offered payment options may differ based on the buyer's country.

Shipping methods

Shipping fees will be added to the order subtotal on the checkout page. We reserve the right to include additional shipping and/or handling fees on orders after the order has been placed. Shipping methods offered for your order are shown on the checkout page, once address information has been submitted. Shipping costs are based on flat-rate fees with varying intervals depending on the recipient country.

Read more about shipping methods here.

Reclamations & returns

If you're not satisfied with the quality of the products you received, please send a reclamation email to our customer service, detailing the possible flaws of the product. If possible, include a picture of the flaw in the product. In the case of a manufacturing flaw or an error in the contents of your order, we always aim to find a way to compensate the buyer directly.

For order cancellations and more, See refund policy.

Data collection

The collection and handling of personal information. Please read our privacy policy.

Applications of these terms

These terms apply to Discmania Store Europe online store only.

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