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Stratosphere Edition Mystery Box - What to expect?

After almost a full year of waiting, our hugely popular Mystery Boxes are back!

Check out the selection here ->

Within this article you'll find a lot of useful information on what to expect about the Stratosphere Edition Mystery Boxes. We also highly recommend to check out the Stratosphere Live Show for even more juicy info about these Mystery Boxes and the Stratosphere project:

Bundle up & save

Besides the "standalone" Mystery Box products, we've also prepared a limited offering of Mystery Box bundles that include the Mystery Box and 2 popular signature discs each. The Iron Claw, Cloud Bender (sold out!) and Nordic Prowl bundles are the options on offer, all providing the excitement of the Mystery Box with some additional savings on some of our most popular discs. Please note that these bundles are not available via early access link and these bundles can only be purchased at Discmania Store Europe.

See all Mystery Box bundles here ->

Regardless whether you order the Early Access*, General Access or a Mystery Box bundle product, all of the Mystery Boxes come from the same supply of boxes, with varying degree of variance in content from box to box. So while there's different types of Mystery Box products, choosing one over the others does not guarantee different Mystery Box contents.

*(This was a product offered to our newsletter subscribers)

All new Originals mold - The DD1

Horizon DD1

As you may have learned by now, the featured product of our Stratosphere Edition Mystery Boxes is the Horizon DD1. This release marks not only an all-new mold, but also an all-new plastic blend in our Originals line-up. The Horizon plastic offers great grip with a good amount of durability, with the most easily recognizable feature being the dual colorway of this plastic type.

In my mind, the DD1 is the DD3's younger and hungry brother.
-Eagle McMahon

We are especially happy with DD1 mold, as we feel it's a much-welcomed step down for our popular DD3 & Cloud Breaker molds, which are great tools for powerful players, but don't necessarily work that well for everybody. With a touch lower speed and bit less overstability, the DD1 requires less power to get up to speed and glide. This helps you manufacture various kinds of distance lines at ease, especially compared to our faster and more overstable distance driver offerings. We're very happy with how the DD1 turned out, and hope you will be too! 

So what else is there?

This year's boxes have been specifically designed to provide a balanced mix of different types of discs. Each box contains a total of 9 discs. 3 out of these are guaranteed to come from our Originals line, one of those 3 being the DD1. 2 discs in each box come our Evolution line and 2 from our Active line. The remaining 2 of the discs are misprints / X-outs that can be either from the Originals or the Evolution line. There's no base plastic discs from the Active line in Stratosphere Edition Boxes. Our boxes include discs only specifically produced for Mystery Box use, aside a couple exceptions where planned products had to be replaced with other options due to production issues.

Stratosphere Edition Mystery Box

As we continue to ramp up our production and many of our legacy models from the Originals line are still being developed to match what we want them to be under our own production, the overall product selection we have at our disposal is still somewhat limited. This means that in terms of total amount of different molds that went in the overall Mystery Box selection is still not quite as wide as we'd hope it to be. This translates to the fact that mold variance between the boxes is not massive, ie. it's more than likely that you'll receive at least some of the same models as your friend, should you both get a box.

We also tried to steer away for including certain molds that have been widely included in the 2021 Mystery Boxes, to avoid too much overlap with those. We did our best to mitigate the somewhat narrow mold variance by using a whole bunch of different stamps and colors within the molds used in the boxes :)

Being able to dedicate a good chunk of production capacity over the year on Mystery Boxes has also allowed us to create certain some Special Edition discs only for the Mystery Boxes, which we believe many of you will enjoy. Some of them are never-before seen mold + plastic combinations and there's also some popular Special/Limited Edition models from the past, revived specifically for these Mystery Boxes.

Collector guide included

Mystery Box Collector Guide

An all-time first in our Mystery Boxes, we included a nifty little collector guide inside each Stratosphere Edition Mystery Box. This guide lists the vast majority of different models that went into the overall disc selection used on these boxes. You'll be able find some nice details like what kind of stamps were used on the discs specifically produced for these boxes, as well as MSRP pricing info and some reference on how rare each item is within overall box selection. We hope these guides are a welcome addition and we'd be happy to hear how you like them :)

Just like in years past, our Mystery Boxes only contain discs, so you don't have to pay for a piece of apparel you'd most likely not end up using anyway. Besides the discs that make up the price of the box however, you can expect to find some sweet Mystery Box / Discmania Stratosphere -themed freebies inside every box :)

Unlock FREE SHIPPING on your Mystery Box order

Did you know we offer free shipping on orders over 150€ inside the EU and over 300€ to outside EU locations? This also applies to Mystery Boxes! Pick up a Mystery Box plus some other goodies or go big with multiple Mystery Boxes to unlock the free shipping! The purchase limit on all Mystery Box products is 5 per order, so you're able to combine your order with friends and save!

Please note however, that the free shipping limit applies only with taxes (or lack thereof) applied. Our store automatically applies your local VAT rate to the products if you're an EU resident, so the final price of your goods depends on your location. For most countries outside the EU, we do not charge the VAT or sales tax, so the prices are also different in those cases. Just note however that you may be subject to customs fees and/or taxes in your own country. The final price is always shown only after you've inputted your shipping address at checkout.

More info on shipping methods here ->

When can I expect my box to ship?

Stratosphere Mystery Box

Every time we get a big surge of orders at once, getting them out the door fast takes a lot of work. This is true especially on our Mystery Box releases. Order processing is expected to take multiple days and we aim to have every box ordered by Sunday, November 27th shipped out of our warehouse by Tuesday December 13th. The "BFCM" time is also a very busy occasion in global logistics, so some delays in shipping times can occur, compared to what's usual. Please be patient, we're here to make sure your order finds you. These goodies are worth the wait!

It's worth noting that orders are not necessarily processed in the order they came in, but instead in the order that's most efficient as a whole. We will keep an eye on holiday shipping deadlines, so no matter where you're from, we'll do our very best to make sure all orders placed by Sunday, Nov 27th, reach you before Christmas. In reality however, most customers should expect to have their orders delivered several days or even weeks ahead of the holidays.

It's going to be another very exciting Mystery Box release, good luck!

For further information, see the global Mystery Box campaign page here and the General Access Mystery Box product page here :)


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