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Mystery Box Gem: The Jackal FD

Note: this article contains Stratosphere Edition Mystery Box spoilers, at least to a certain extent. If you wish to keep things a true Mystery until you open up your box, we recommend checking this one later :)

As the Mystery Box orders are starting to reach our customers, unboxing pictures and videos of our Stratosphere Edition Mystery Boxes are starting to emerge on social media sites. From what we've seen, and much as we dared to expect, certain items are starting reach a highly desired status in the thrower and collector communities. The Color Glow FD's, 2022 Special Edition Lux Vapor Enigmas, Extra Soft Exo Vapor Tactics and the Special Blend S-line MD1 are among those, to name a few.

In this article we wanted to highlight one disc in particular that was included in the overall selection of discs used in the Stratosphere Edition Mystery Boxes - The Jackal stamped C-line FD. Those newer to our brand may not be familiar with the original Jackals - Back in 2011 when the FD was first introduced as the very first fairway driver in our line up, it also had the Jackal nickname and the stamp to boot.

The original Jackal stamp was used on our stock D-line and S-line FD's back in the day, in an era when practically all of our products featured similar nicknames and stamps. This was actually before the first introduction of our C-line plastic, which at least within the standards of the era, happened with a bang :D

Over the years, the FD (or the Jackal, depending on your preference) has grown to be one of the true icons of our line up and remains to be a top 3 most sold Discmania mold of all time, with DD3 and P2 rounding out the top spots (although the Sensei has been lately challenging the iconic trio). Around 2014 we decided to make the switch to a cleaner and more professional look on our S-line & D-line models.

The switch meant the Jackal stamp was phased out of the selection and was only revived as a super limited run Throwback C-line version exclusively in the US in 2016 and more famously in 2019 as a Limited Edition release of Swirly S-line FD's. That particular run has since grown to be a collector and thrower favorite, thanks in part to the particular low profile and torque resistance of the run, as well as the iconic Jackal stamp.

After hearing your feedback about wanting a wider variety of special stamps in our Mystery Boxes, we decided bring back a more simplified version of the iconic Jackal stamp on our sweet Italian blend C-line FD's in throwback fashion, along some other specialty stamps on other models.

For the FD fans and collectors out there, the challenge now is to collect the ultimate pack of Jackals: The early 2010's D-line, the early 2010's S-line, the 2016 Throwback C-line and, 2019 Limited Edition Swirly S-line and the 2022 Mystery Box Edition C-line. Bonus points, as always, come from from different color and foil options :)

If you'd like a chance to score a Jackal FD yourself, pick up a Mystery Box here ->

If you'd like to join a community of Discmania aficionados with tons of in-depth information similar to this article, we recommend joining the Discmania Collectors & Throwers group on facebook :)

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