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Our office & warehouse is closed Nov 11-14, Midnight Prowl orders are being processed

With plenty of exciting things still to come before the end of the year, our staff is taking a couple days off the regular daily routine to get together at our annual Development Days. This means that we'll operate normally until end of business hours on Wednesday, November 10th, and for the remainder of the week our customer service is closed and orders will not be processed at the warehouse.

Starting on Monday, November 15th we're back in action, more focused than ever. If you place an order or contact our customer service during our time of absence, you can expect us to get your order moving or email replied within Monday-Tuesday (Nov 15-16).

Regular (non-preorder) orders placed by 14:00 EET on Wednesday, November 10th, can be expected to ship out of our warehouse on Wednesday. Orders placed after that timeline will start getting processed on Monday, November 15th.

Kyle Klein Midnight Prowl orders shipping now

Starting from Monday, November 8th, we have begun shipping orders containing the Kyle Klein Signature Series Origins. As you may recall, this release was executed as a presale between October 13th and 15th.

If you have an unfulfilled order containing this product, no action is required from you. Once your order has been processed, you'll receive a shipping notification via email, letting you know your shipment is on its way. There's a whole bunch of orders to be processed, so while some have already shipped out, others will take longer. These orders will not necessarily be processed according to first come, first served -regime, as is tends to be more efficient for us to group the fulfilment of orders made with certain shipping methods together and processing those all at once.

We're currently working hard to get as many Midnight Prowl orders shipped before our Development Days as possible. However it's likely that a small number of these orders may take until early next week to ship.

Orders placed through Discmania Store USA

If you placed an order for a Midnight Prowl from Discmania Store USA, you can expect a fairly similar fulfilment pace for your order, as our Colorado office is expected to start shipping their share of Midnight Prowl orders also on week 45. At the time of writing it looks like our US staff will be able to begin processing their orders around Wednesday-Thursday, as opposed to Monday here in Europe.


Now, while we have you here, go check out some of our new & upcoming releases or bestselling items!

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