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Discmania Mystery Boxes are coming - What to expect?

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Worth noting: This article was published on Thursday, November 25th 2021 ahead of our Black Friday Mystery Box release. All information presented here regard the 2021 Black Friday Edition Mystery Boxes.

Before we dive deep here, we recommend you watch our Mystery Box live show first, in case you haven't already. If you've already seen it, you'll find a whole bunch of additional information below. 

The best Mystery Box in the business

If you've followed us for some time, you'll know the Discmania Mystery Box is the pinnacle Mystery Box product in the world of disc golf. We've seen many brands and retailers trying to create their own boxes with varying degrees of success, but year after year, the Discmania Mystery Box is the most popular, offers the best value and contains the most talked-about products. The Discmania Mystery Box is the birthplace of some of our most iconic products, as feats like the Cloud Breaker, the Tilt and the Color Glow FD have all seen their debut in Mystery Box selections.

This year is not different. We've started the process of manufacturing this season's Mystery Box items already in Spring and we can confidently say that these boxes pack some serious goodies.

From singular Featured items to fully planned production

The growth in demand for our products has required us to change our thinking as it comes to Mystery Boxes. While a few years back the discs in our Mystery Box selection, aside from the Featured items, may have come from mixed sources, these days the situation is very different. Aside from misprint products, each disc that's included in our Black Friday Mystery Boxes has been produced particularly for Mystery Box use. This means that overall, we can provide a more balanced selection of goodies, feature certain limited run items we want to introduce to the public and also highlight certain stock models we think many people could enjoy.

Now, you may have seen or heard about our previous production challenges that are being tackled in a big way in the form of our new production facility. While the transition from utilizing manufacturing partners to having our own creative and operative freedom in a big part of our production has and will certainly improve the availability of our products in general, the majority of the products included in these Mystery Boxes were still produced in more or less of a transitional phase. This means that some options in terms of product selection were still off the menu. This translates to the fact that in the 2021 Black Friday Mystery Boxes, the overall selection from box to box is not necessarily quite as varied as it has been in some Mystery Box campaigns during the pre-Covid-19 times. The good news, however, is that we decided to balance out the situation by creating the most exclusive offering seen in any Mystery Box campaign to date.

Special Editions, Stamps & All new Originals mold

You may already have learned from our live show broadcast that in each Black Friday box you'll find the all-new Originals mold, bearing the sweet Discmania 15 years stamp. For most this is the true gem of the box, but if that's not quite yet enough to get you fired up, just wait for what else is in store!

While the new Originals mold is the featured item, meaning there's one in every box, each box also comes with 2-3 Special Edition goodies, which are items that are not normally offered in our selection. These models vary from box to box, but chances are you'll get at least some of the same items as your buddy, if you both purchase a Black Friday box. Besides the Special Edition goodies each box will have 1-3 specialty stamped discs and 1-3 misprint / X-out discs.

9 discs & minimum 150% value in each box

The topmost factor we keep in mind when assembling our Mystery Boxes is that the value is always at 150% at minimum. This means that if we were to sell the same discs in our stores as standalone products, the combined value of all products inside a single box would always exceed $150€. In the past this has sometimes translated to our boxes having varying quantities of discs in total, most typically between 8 and 10 for the "large" boxes. This time around, with our carefully planned MB-dedicated production, we're able to offer exactly 9 discs in every Black Friday Mystery Box. This translates to a solid mix of different plastics, with more premium than baseline discs in the mix.

Buying from USA vs buying from Europe

If you've made the decision to pick up a box, but are wondering whether you should get it from our US store or our European store, the answer is pretty simple: The Mystery Box products are essentially the same at both stores, so get yours from whichever store is closer to you. That way shipping will be faster and you'll pay less for shipping overall. Our Europe store operates with flat-rate shipping pricing, while the shipping prices at our US store are more dynamic based on the actual shipping cost charged by the shipping companies.

As noted, the Mystery Box products themselves are essentially the same between Europe and USA. Within the "regular selection", at the overall selection level, the models found in European boxes can be found in US boxes and vice versa. There is, however, one exception to this, this year only. A portion of the misprint / X-out discs used in the overall US selection are old (Innova made) Originals models and correspondingly, a portion of European misprints / X-Outs are New Originals, ie. our own production. Now, it's very much worth keeping in mind that we're talking about portions of portions here. Don't expect your US box to come packed with sick quadruple -stamped Iron Samurai 2's or your EU box to come with X-Out Prototype Italian blend DD3's. Technically it's probably within a realm of possibility to get either one of those in a singular box, but those are super rare and certainly not all of the X-Outs in either the Europe or the US boxes are Originals models. Actually, there's a lot more Evolution misprints on both selections.

One box per order, no restrictions on multiple orders

Each Mystery Box release is a huge project for our staff and once the assembly is done, the order processing part is also a big push. Both our US & Europe stores will begin order fulfilment on Monday, November 29th. We have the most hands on deck we've ever had to process orders, but it's still likely that getting all orders placed on the release day (and beyond, in case stock is left after release day) will take until mid-to-late week 49. For this reason we've restricted the sales of Mystery Boxes to one box per order, as processing orders with multiple boxes take a lot more time than processing orders with just one box. If you wish to acquire multiple boxes as gifts, etc, you are welcome to place multiple orders for the Mystery Box product, so the restriction is per order, not per customer.

We do, however, highly encourage you to consider picking up other items as well as you place your order for your Mystery Box. With 9 Mystery discs in each box, there's still some extra room in each box for a few extra discs or some apparel. This year marks a pretty rare occasion, as you will be able to place an order for a Mystery Box and some Signature Series goodies at the same time, so you might want to take advantage of that ;)

It's also worth noting that in an effort to minimize the use of single-use plastics, this year we will not pack any discs within the Mystery Boxes inside plastic bags. We believe discs are meant to fly and while some discs may be exposed to some minor wear in transport without protective plastic, the discs themselves are designed for play, so certain level of wear is eventual for these products :)

Subscribe to get early access

As you may have learned by now, our newsletter subscribers will get early access to the Mystery Box product a little before the actual drop happens. Please note that we can not affect the processing time of the email client you use. With some email clients, the delivery is not instant and there can be up to 20-30 minute delays, which can be enough for you to miss the early access link. In our limited experience, Gmail addresses tend to have a fairly instant delivery while some other clients like Hotmail may see substantial delays. We will hold on to a portion of the boxes until the actual 9AM Mountain / 18:00 Finnish release happens to make sure there's at least some products left for those who don't wish to get theirs via the newsletter link. However, it’s worth noting that subscribing will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting a box.

You can subscribe to the Discmania Store Europe newsletter here and the U.S. newsletter here!

Please note that delays in newsletter subscriptions may occur, so make sure to sign up well in advance before the official release time.

Tips for securing your box

We have pieced together a record number of boxes this year, but selling out fast is certainly possible. For this reason, we highly recommend placing your order as early as possible. It's worth noting that the shopping carts in either of our stores do not reserve your products for you exclusively, so securing your haul may depend on you being swift in placing your order. We highly recommend signing in to your customer account in advance, filling your cart well before the MB release with any other items you wish to include in your order and having your payment method of choice close by to avoid losing any precious time once the Mystery Box becomes available. It's worth noting that at Discmania Store Europe, the only active payment option during product releases is (credit / debit) card payment. Other payment options will be turned back on some time after the release, but it's possible that the boxes have already been sold out at that point.

More information on product releases in general can be found here!

Will your box reach you by Christmas?

We aim to ship all orders placed between Friday, Nov 26th and Sunday, Nov 28th by the holiday shipping deadlines set by Posti, our logistics company. We can’t affect the shipping times once the package has left our warehouse, but barring any unexpected delays, each order placed by end-of-day on November 28th should reach its destination before Christmas (December 24th). If you have questions about a shipment that has already left our warehouse, we always recommend contacting the shipping company first.

It's worth noting though that your location plays a major role in the shipping time. Orders to Finland and other EU-member countries in North & Central Europe should receive their Mystery Boxes well ahead of the Christmas holidays. Orders to Southern Europe & countries outside the EU will take longer to arrive, but should still make it in time for the holidays :)

Quick recap

  • The Black Friday Mystery Boxes go live at 18:00 EET (Finnish time) at Discmania Store Europe, and at the same time in Discmania Store USA
  • Our newsletter subscribers will receive an early access link via email a little before the actual product release happens
  • The Mystery Box product will appear on the front page & on new arrivals collection once the public sales begin
  • Availability is limited so, make sure to get yours early!

We're excited to see what you think about the selection this year. Good luck everyone!

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