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Niklas Anttila Signature Session September 10th

Update: The products available for signing have been sold out. Thank you to everyone who placed orders! Niklas will visit our warehouse on Friday September 10th and all orders containing signed discs will ship out the following week.


The freshly crowned new disc golf European Champion, Team Discmania's Niklas Anttila will pay our warehouse a visit on Friday, September 10th! For this special occasion, we are releasing a limited number of Nikke Nosto Logics in both Soft Exo and Hard Exo material and you can get one signed by the European Champ himself!

All you need to do to score a signed disc is to place an order for one of the Nikke Nosto discs featuring the signature and Niklas will sign the disc for you. We are also offering a limited number of the same discs without the signature, so please make sure you place the order for the exact type(s) of discs you're after. Sales of each disc product are limited to one per customer, but you're welcome place an order by combining multiple different disc products to a single order.

Signed products:
Signed Nikke Nosto Soft Exo Logic
Signed Nikke Nosto Hard Exo Logic

Products without signature:
Nikke Nosto Soft Exo Logic
Nikke Nosto Hard Exo Logic

Or see all Nikke Nosto discs here!

Please note that our quantities for these products are limited and it's very likely that some or all of the product options sell out fast. The sales of these products will begin on Wednesday, September 8th at 12:00 (EEST - Finnish time) and if not sold out, the products will be available until 09:00 on Friday, September 10th). Orders containing these discs will be processed and shipped out by Friday, September 17th.

Find useful information concerning our product releases here ->

Watch the final round play-by-play from the 2021 European Championships by SpinTV:

 Front 9

Back 9

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