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McMahon Edition Mystery Boxes are coming - What to expect?

Our final Mystery Box release for 2021 is set for Monday, December 27th! Within this article you'll find a lot of useful information on what to expect about these boxes.

One box, two products

If you're looking to score this Mystery Box, it really pays off to be subscribed to our newsletter. Similarly to what we did on the Black Friday Mystery Box release, we will offer our newsletter subscribers the first dibs on the McMahon Edition boxes. It's worth noting that as we have a finite resource of these boxes, we are by no means saying that subscribing to the newsletter means it's guaranteed you'll score a box. However, only 50% of the entire inventory of Mystery Boxes we have will be available via the General Access product you can currently find on our website.

The other 50% will be available in the form of a separate "Early Access" product, that can only be accessed through a secret link that we'll provide in a newsletter. You can expect the early access newsletters to drop some time before the general access product goes live, so if you miss out on the early access product, you still have a chance to score the general access product.

Click here to subscribe to our newsletter ->

Regardless whether you order the Early Access or the General Access product, the Mystery Boxes come from the same supply of boxes, with varying degree of variance in content from box to box.

Newsletter delivery depends on your email service

Please note that we can not affect the processing time of the email client you use. With some email clients, the delivery is not instant and there can be up to 20-30 minute delays, which can be enough for you to miss the early access link. In our limited experience, Gmail addresses tend to have a fairly instant delivery while some other clients like Hotmail may see substantial delays. If you've experienced a delayed delivery for our newsletters in the past, chances are it will happen again. In this case we recommend trying a different email client.

Please also note that if you subscribe to the newsletter after it has been sent, or a short time period prior sending, delivery for you may be excluded.

All new Creator Series release - The Rainmaker

As you may have learned by now, we're rolling out another all new mold in the McMahon Edition Mystery Box. This time it's double the fun, as in each box you'll find not one, but two Eagle McMahon's all-new Creator Series Rainmaker putters. These putters come in flex 3 (hard) and flex 2 (medium). They are designed to match Eagle's high performance needs and despite being fairly rigid in terms of structure, they offer an unmatched grip, even in wet conditions. One thing to note in advance however, is that the superior grip these putters have also means they are prone to collect minor dings and "bruises", so please don't expect your new putters to be in absolute mint condition, as this plastic simply doesn't work that way. However, once you get a couple rounds in with these putters, the performance feel these putters provide will make you forget about the minor aesthetic blemishes in no time :)

Rainmaker profile

So what else is there?

Besides the two Rainmakers, each box will include 7 other mystery discs. The assortments vary from box to box, but what we already noted with the previous Mystery Box release holds true: Getting prepared for Mystery Box campaigns at the caliber we do them takes a long time and while practically every disc that goes into these boxes has been purposely produced for these boxes, the selection of models we've had on the menu to work with has been (and still is) limited. This translates to the fact that variance between the boxes is not massive, ie. it's more than likely that you'll receive at least some of the same models as your friend, should you both get a box.

Dedicated production on the other hand has allowed us to create Special Edition goodies you don't necessarily find anywhere else, as most of those who placed an order for the Black Friday Boxes were able to find out. Within the overall McMahon box selection, there will be some of the same Special Edition models that were in the Black Friday boxes, as well as some not-yet-seen. You can also expect to find 1-2 X-Out / Misprint discs from each box. With the misprint discs the same situation remains as with the Black Friday boxes - Boxes sold through our U.S. store may have old (Innova-made) Originals X-Outs in them, while boxes bought from our Europe store may have X-Outs / Misprints of our New Originals line products, but not the other way around.

It's worth noting though that not all of the Mystery Boxes necessarily have any Originals line discs in them, aside from the Rainmakers (yes, they're Originals!). This is because when the production of Mystery Box products was set up, we didn't have our own factory yet and the majority of the production capacity we've had since the factory has been up and running has been rightfully dedicated to bring you some of your favourite discs, like P2's, MD3's and Cloud Breaker 3's.

Tips on securing your box

We have pieced together a record number of boxes this year, but as we saw with the previous release, selling out fast is certainly possible. For this reason, we highly recommend taking all precautions to ensure you're able to finalize your order as swiftly as possible. Please keep in mind that the shopping carts in either of our stores do not reserve your products for you exclusively, so securing your haul may depend on you being swift in placing your order. We highly recommend signing in to your customer account in advance, filling your cart well before the MB release with any other items you wish to include in your order and having your payment method of choice close by to avoid losing any precious time once the Mystery Box becomes available.

We also highly recommend using a fast internet connection when placing your order, as this will help with possible site load speed issues. It's worth noting that here at Discmania Store Europe, the only active payment option during product releases is (credit / debit) card payment. Other payment options will be turned back on some time after the release, but it's unlikely that there will be any boxes left at that point.

More general information about product releases here ->

When can I expect my box to ship?

As you may know, the "Black Box" drops always happen during a time when most of our staff is enjoying their well-earned holidays. We naturally have people online monitoring the release, but order processing won't start before January 3rd and with the volume of boxes we have available, the final Mystery Boxes are expected to ship out from our warehouse by Friday, January 14th. Good things are worth the wait though, and in case you need to contact our customer service about your order, we'll be able to process at least the most urgent messages on the release day or the day after that. Between December 29th and January 2nd our office will be closed. More info on our holiday break here ->

It's going to be another very exciting Mystery Box release, good luck!

For further information, see the global Mystery Box campaign page here and the General Access Mystery Box product page here :)

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