Metal flake md4 and more new arrivals here!

Order processing update (Early June 2021)

With multiple popular releases this week, we've seen a sizeable amount of orders recently. As you may already know, plentiful orders tend to translate to longer processing times. More info based on products below.

Eagle McMahon Triumph Series Primal Run Neo Splice (2021 Portland Open)

If you placed an order for one of these, please note that this was a preorder product, meaning the products themselves are ready, but they still require stamping. Stamping is expected to be ready by week 25 and once all of these have been stamped, we'll ship out each order containing these products. You can expect all of these orders to head out from our warehouse by the end of week 25, but in all likeliness shipping will start sooner than that.

Royal Rage 2, Soft Exo Logics

If you placed an order for one of these on the release date (June 9th), you can expect your order to ship out no later than Tuesday, June 15th. Most likely however, we're able to get all of these orders processed earlier than Tuesday. First orders from this release will ship out already today and more will be fulfilled in the coming days.

Orders placed after the June 9th release day will face a slightly slower processing schedule as long as we're able to clean the table from orders placed on the release day.

BTW: At least at the time of writing, we still have a some Royal Rage 2's and Logics left, so grab yours while our supplies last!

Combining orders

As our resources are limited and getting all of these orders out to you is a big push for our staff, we unfortunately are not able to combine any orders in case you placed multiples. This might be disappointing for some, but at the same time it ensures that we're able to get all of the orders shipped out in timely fashion. Thank you for understanding!

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