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Black Edition Boxes - What to expect

As you may have predicted, the boxes are back! And, in black!

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Within this article you'll find a lot of useful information on what to expect about the Black Edition Mystery Boxes. We also encourage everyone to continue the saga with us as the Stratosphere mission continues. Check it out below.

Bundle up & save

We've also arranged a special bundle product at a great price if you're looking to get both the red and black versions at once. Save 10% on your purchase by bundling the two together!

All Mystery Boxes have just a little bit of space in them for something extra. Check out our selection and add a disc or two to your order!

A reinvented classic - The CD1

CD1 is back with a reinvented name in our new and improved C-Line plastic. Formerly known as CD2, we’ve brought the mold back to the spotlight based on popular demand. The letters “CD” in the name stand for Control Driver, putting the player in the driver’s seat and allowing you full control to manipulate and style the disc exactly how you want it to.

We know that everyone has been anxiously awaiting the emergence of CD1 after the factory announcement and we've made sure to give it the debut it deserves on a grand stage, the Mystery Box. Within the assortment of CD1s distributed to the world, there are three variations of Crush Boys designs stamped on them featuring Eagle, Kyle, and Simon. Will you be the first to collect them all?

So what else is there?

This year's boxes have been specifically designed to provide a balanced mix of different types of discs. Each box contains a total of 9 discs. 3 out of these are guaranteed to come from our Originals line, one of those 3 being the CD1. 2 discs in each box come our Evolution line and 2 from our Active line. The remaining 2 of the discs are misprints / X-outs that can be either from the Originals or the Evolution line. With the Black Edition, both misprints inside the package are premium quality, meaning no base line x-outs in that category. Our boxes include discs only specifically produced for Mystery Box use, aside from a couple exceptions where planned products had to be replaced with other options due to production issues.

As we continue to ramp up our production and many of our legacy models from the Originals line are still being developed to match what we want them to be under our own production, the overall product selection we have at our disposal is still somewhat limited. When this project began back in February, our access to some of our Originals staples were still in the drawing phase, some still are. You can expect the selection to become even more diverse each time as new molds are brought back to the fold. However, the selection you'll find inside this box compared to the last one is 100% different. Yes, this means stock items, specialty versions, stamps, etc. Aside from the possibility of getting a duplicate X-Out to your box content or previous box, all of the other discs will absolutely not be the same as they were before.

As said above, our mold diversity is still on the climb so even though these boxes have been carefully well thought and planned, the mold variance between the boxes is not massive, ie. it's more than likely that you'll receive at least some of the same models as your friend, should you both get a box. However, we did our best to mitigate the lack of mold variance by using a whole bunch of different stamps and colors within the molds used in the boxes.

Being able to dedicate a good chunk of production capacity over the year to Mystery Boxes has also allowed us to create certain some Special Edition discs only for the Mystery Boxes, which we believe many of you will enjoy. Some of them are never-before seen mold + plastic combinations and there's also some popular Special/Limited Edition models from the past, revived specifically for these Mystery Boxes.

The Mystery Box experience has developed into something truly special over all these years. 2021 was among the first to specifically create discs for this purpose, but 2022 is the first time that all contents were meticulously planned and created with resources we've set aside for this purpose. All products included are here for a reason. We're proud of it, and we know you'll enjoy it.

Collector guide included

As with our Stratosphere Mystery Boxes and back by popular demand, we included a nifty little collector guide inside each Black Edition Mystery Box. This guide lists the vast majority of different models that went into the overall disc selection used on these boxes. You'll be able find some nice details like what kind of stamps were used on the discs specifically produced for these boxes, as well as MSRP pricing info and more. We hope these guides are a welcome addition and we'd be happy to hear how you like them :)

Unlock FREE SHIPPING on your Mystery Box order

Did you know we offer free shipping on orders over 150€ to all EU locations, and for orders containing at least 300€ to the rest of the world? This also applies to Mystery Boxes! Pick up a Mystery Box plus some other goodies or go big with multiple Mystery Boxes to unlock the free shipping! The purchase limit on all Mystery Box products is 5 per order, so you're able to combine your order with friends and save!

When can I expect my box to ship?

The holiday season continues with Mystery Boxes! Distributing all of these orders within a reasonable time frame takes a lot of work and we thank you in advance for your patience. Order processing will begin once our staff returns from holiday break on January 2nd. Please note that promised order shipment dates does not also guarantee delivery date as well.

Every time we get a big surge of orders at once, getting them out the door fast takes a lot of work. This is true especially on our Mystery Box releases. Order processing is expected to take multiple days and we aim to have every box ordered by Sunday, January 2nd shipped out of our warehouse by Friday December 13th. Please be patient, we're here to make sure your order finds you. These goodies are worth the wait! Orders are not necessarily processed in the order they came in, but instead in the order that's most efficient as a whole. We will keep an eye on holiday shipping deadlines, so no matter where you're from, we'll do our very best to make sure all orders placed by Sunday, Jan 2nd make it out the door and to you in the time frame promised. Orders outside this window may experience extended delays for shipment and delivery dates.

It's going to be another very exciting Mystery Box release, good luck!

For further information, see the global Mystery Box campaign page here and the Mystery Box product page here :)

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