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Legend of the Lost Stones

Welcome, treasure seeker! You've come to the right place if you're looking for the ultimate Lost Stone. But do you have what it takes to complete the quest?

You must login before you can solve the mystery. Please login or create an account to continue.

Tips for your quest

  1. Both Red and Black codes are required to solve the mystery and to acquire the ultimate treasure.
  2. If a code is entered into a code field to solve the mystery it cannot be used again for that purpose.
  3. Even if you’ve entered the code to complete the quest, it is still valid for the one-time 20% discount. (Until end of February 2024.)
  4. The system remembers if you’ve entered a red or black code. (This info is available to you as long as you’re logged in and have entered a code.)
  5. The Red and Black codes don’t have to be entered at the same time.

Q & A

Q: How do I get the Red code?
A: Each of our Red edition Mystery Box comes with a unique code.

Q: How do I get the Black code?
A: You need to get something black! Hint: The Red code was in a red Mystery Box…

Q: When can I get the Black code?
A: Soon(ish)! It’ll be available during the Mystery Season.

Q: I tried entering a code but I get an error message, what’s wrong?
A: Please make sure that you’ve entered a code from a Mystery Box that was purchased from this store and that you’ve only entered the last 6 digits of the code. (Any code is only valid in the store where the Mystery Box was purchased. E.g. if you’ve purchased a Mystery Box from the Discmania Store Europe, the code is only valid in the Discmania Store Europe.) The code must be from a 2023 Mystery Box.

Q: I’ve purchased several red and black Mystery Boxes. How do I get several treasures?
A: Please contact our customer service with proof of purchase and with the appropriate codes before placing your ultimate treasure order. We’ll make sure that you’ll receive as many treasures as you’re eligible for!

Q: I used the code to redeemed the 20% discount, can I still use it to complete the quest?
A: Yes. You can use any code once for both purposes, to redeem the 20% discount, and to complete the quest.

Q: I ordered a Mystery Box but there was no code in it. What should I do?
A: Please contact our customer service. Include the order number in your email.

Q: Where can I enter the code?
A: Follow the links in the code boxes above. But make sure that you’re logged in before you try to enter the code.

Q: Where can I find the ultimate treasure?
A: Once you’ve completed the quest successfully you’ll be able to access the ultimate treasure through this page. Note that you must also be logged in to your Shield Club account.

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