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Discmania Mystery Box (Stratosphere Edition)


Product image 1Discmania Mystery Box (Stratosphere Edition)
Product image 2Discmania Mystery Box (Stratosphere Edition)

Regular price 99,99 €

The most exciting gift in disc golf is back!

These days there are many kinds Mystery Boxes in the market, but none are quite like ours. The Discmania Mystery Box is by far the most popular Mystery Box product in the disc golf world, a true global icon. The Discmania Mystery Boxes are (in)famous for selling out fast, so make sure to grab yours quickly!

Each Discmania Stratosphere Edition Mystery Box includes:
  • At least 150% value for your money
  • 1 all new Originals mold in new plastic (Horizon DD1)
  • 8 other discs, including special stamps, Special Edition discs and some stock discs as well

This year's boxes have been specifically designed to provide a balanced mix of different types of discs. Each box contains a total of 9 discs. 3 out of these are guaranteed to come from our Originals line, 2 from our Evolution line and 2 from our Active line. 2 of the discs are misprints / X-outs that can be either from the Originals or the Evolution line. There's no base plastic discs from the Active line in the Red Boxes. Our boxes include discs only specifically produced for Mystery Box use, aside a couple exceptions where planned products had to be replaced with other options due to production issues.

Why should I buy a Mystery Box?

Honestly, the number one reason is the excitement. There's nothing quite like the feeling of opening one of these bad boys up. You'll never know what to expect. And we've made sure there's always goodies you won't find anywhere else.

Should you trust us to deliver real value for your money? We certainly believe so. We proudly guarantee that each box contains discs that are worth at least 150% of the box price in retail value. That's the best deal on our plastic you'll find all year.

Now, it's worth noting that the contents of a Mystery Box are indeed a Mystery. We always include a certain edition-specific featured item that is included in every box, but the rest of the goodies can vary from box to box. If you're looking for a set of specific discs, this product may not be for you - In that case our customer service is happy to help you with other options instead. But if you're ready to roll the dice and see what goodies we have in store, we highly recommend picking one up.

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Please note 1: The Mystery Boxes are pre-assembled and we unfortunately can not promise to deliver specific weights or colors based on customer requests.

Please note 2: The Mystery Boxes are delivered in the iconic red Mystery Box packages, but if your order contains other items as well, those items will be included in the same boxes when possible. In this case this Mystery Box content can be found underneath a flyer. If you choose to purchase multiple Mystery Boxes or other items that do not fit inside the Red Box, your order will be shipped in a larger box containing all items in your order. In some cases this may also mean multiple separate parcels.

Please note 3: Each Mystery Box release is a big push for our staff as it's typically a time when we have the most orders to process all at once. Order processing is expected to take multiple days and we aim to have every box ordered by Sunday, November 27th shipped out of our warehouse by Tuesday December 13th. Please be patient, we're here to make sure your order finds you. These goodies are worth the wait!

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