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Discmania Mystery Box (X-mania Edition)


Product image 1Discmania Mystery Box (X-mania Edition)
Product image 2Discmania Mystery Box (X-mania Edition)
Product image 3Discmania Mystery Box (X-mania Edition)
Product image 4Discmania Mystery Box (X-mania Edition)
Product image 5Discmania Mystery Box (X-mania Edition)
Product image 6Discmania Mystery Box (X-mania Edition)

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The best deal in disc golf, the Discmania Summer Mystery Box

Our Mystery box over the years has become a global phenomenon, each version including something extra special to look forward to. Portions of the contents include misprints and X-Out discs, which can sometimes steal the show and end up being the most coveted items of the entire package. We’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback over the years from fans and customers asking for a box to include even more of them inside. We’re happy to announce that these requests have been heard! Based on feedback from last year, we’ve decided to run it back this Summer with five fresh new featured designs!

We’ve spared no expense spicing up these already unique discs with new stamp variations and a special set of never before released “X-Mania” themed stamp designs. As with our Mystery Box, our original stock disc designs in our early years have always held a special place in the hearts of Discmaniacs everywhere. We’ve created an exclusive mashup homage to many of your favorite artworks in a variety of clever, stunning designs.

What is a misprint exactly?

A misprint is a disc that has not been deemed worthy for retail sale due to flaws either in production or the stamping process. Most of you will hear the word “misprint” used mainly in the community but there is also an “x-out” which refers to those that have small variances or impurities in the production process that deem the discs to not be fit for full retail sales.

Misprints: Customers often value these types of discs the most because they appreciate how unique a disc ends up being. You’ll find little bits of history contained within a single work of art. One stamp may have been produced in 2018, while some others are from recent releases. Some discs may have one or two stamps on them while others could even have five to six different stamp designs at the same time.

X-Outs: Discs that contain small physical flaws or imperfections that did not pass the QC process. These are perfectly legal for PDGA sanctioned play and will not affect the flight of the disc. You may notice small dimples or trimming errors, impurities in the plastic at times. These discs may have only a single stamp applied to them but there is always a chance for multiple stamps as well.

Each Discmania X-Mania Mystery Box includes:

  • 3 Signature/Creator Series misprint Or X-Out discs
  • 2 baseline misprint or X-Out discs
  • 4 other premium misprint or X-Out discs
  • Minimum of 2 “X-Mania” themed stamped stamps will be applied
    • Note that these are not added to the quantity but used in the selections above
  • Note: There are no pins or extras included in these boxes

We aim to provide as many different mold options within these boxes. There is a good chance that you can expect a couple duplicate mold options within your package.

Why should I buy a Mystery Box?

Honestly, the number one reason is the excitement. There's nothing quite like the feeling of opening one of these bad boys up. You'll never know what to expect. A box full of truly unique misprint discs makes that element of mystery even higher.

Now, it's worth noting that the contents of a Mystery Box are indeed a Mystery. We always include a certain edition-specific featured item that is included in every box, but the rest of the goodies can vary from box to box. If you're looking for a set of specific discs, this product may not be for you - In that case our customer service is happy to help you with other options instead. But if you're ready to roll the dice and see what goodies we have in store, we highly recommend picking one up.

Please note: There might be some slight delays compared to our usual order shipping and processing times due to the high volume of Mystery Box orders.

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